Imran Khan to move into official residence says report

A house in the Ministers’ Enclave in Islamabad will be declared the official residence of Imran Khan, who is set to become Pakistan’s new prime minister, as his private house is vulnerable to threats, according to a media report. Khan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the single largest party in the National Assembly after the July 25 elections. Khan, 65, would take oath as the prime minister on August 11. Khan, in his victory speech on July 26, had announced that he would not use the Prime Minister’s House as his residence and that his party would later decide the fate of the building.
Shortly after his party’s victory in the elections, the police and the district administration started extending VVIP protocol and security to Khan. Security was tightened around Khan’s Banigala residence, Dawn newspaper reported. Senior police officers visited Khan’s Banigala residence and assessed the home and the area around it, including the hills. The police officials said there was no standard operating procedure for the prime minister-in-waiting, but since Khan is likelyto be the next prime minister, necessary measures have been taken for his security, the report said.