Modi government’s Mahadalit card !


Durgesh Upadhyay

Quite strangely, all in the Modi government are full with affection for Dalit and Dalit leaders. This has not come suddenly but with a planned strategy. As general elections are just one year ahead now saffron party and its strategists have started to think about the plan to attract Dalit votes. Nobody can deny this fact that Dalit votes will play a pivotal role in next elections. After SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh BJP has a big challenge to counter this alliance and thats why party has planned to play Mahadalit card in Uttar Pradesh

 According to highly placed sources during the Dalit agitation PMO was keeping very close eye on all movements.

 Theres a section with a belief that Dalit agitation is only because of  Mayawati’s instigation otherwise never in the past such incident has happened. But now interestingly BJP has planned to tap this opportunity.

 Recently Party high command has instructed to all its Ministers, MPs and MLAs to focus on Dalits and thier issues in thier respective districts. BJP is trying to put its plan on ground with the campaign initiated by its Ministers in backword districts of Purvanchal. Saffron Party has a plan to make an access to Dalits and most backword voters to ensure its win in 2019 general elections.

 Keeping in view of this issue, there was a meeting conducted at Yojna Bhawan in Lucknow where topic was to review of development works of backword districts in Uttar Pradesh. There was a discussion, central ministers will make a direct contact to people of these backword districts and will brief about centre’s welfare schemes. They have been asked to spend more and more time among these people. The message is loud and clear party focus is very much on Dalits

 It will be worth to see what impact BJP’s Mahadalit card play on ground!!